Wealthking Investments Limited (Formerly “OP Financial Limited”) Announces Completion of Procedures on Official Change of Company Name

企業新聞 2020.12.15

[15 December 2020, Hong Kong] Wealthking Investments Limited (“Wealthking Investments” or the “Company”, stock code: 1140.HK) along with its subsidiaries (“the Group”) is pleased to announce that the Company has recently received the certificate of registration of alteration of name from the Registrar of Companies of Hong Kong, following the special resolution on the change of the company name being duly passed at the extraordinary general meeting of the Company earlier on. The Company's name has been changed from "OP Financial Limited" to "Wealthking Investments Limited" with effect from 8 December 2020.


The stock short names for trading of the securities of the Company on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited will be changed from "OP FINANCIAL" to "WEALTHKING INV" in English, and from "東英金融" to "華科資本" in Chinese with effect from 9:00 a.m., 21 December 2020. The stock code of the Company will remain unchanged. The website of the Company will also be changed from "www.opfin.com.hk" to "www.wealthking.com.hk" with effect from 28 December 2020.


The change of the Company's name and logo intends to better show the Company's motivation to generate returns and create wealth for its shareholders with a new corporate image. Therefore, it will benefit the Company's long-term business development. Going forward, the Company will focus on Greater China area and target the technology-intensive and science-and-technology-driven sectors, from which to discover investees with high growth potential and the best ones will be held as long-term core holding companies. By doing so, the Company aims to empower science and technology with the strength of capital and in the meantime achieve higher investment returns leveraging the development of science and technology.


Dr. LIU Zhiwei, Executive Director and CEO of Wealthking Investments commented, “We are glad to see the Company will be with a new corporate image. Based on the solid foundation that OP Financial has laid in the past, we will carry on the past traditions and pave the way for future. We will continue to focus on the long-term core holding strategy and flexibly employ medium-term PE/VC and short-term arbitrage as a supplement on a cross-border and cross-sector basis to accelerate the development of science and technology industries through capital and create diversified returns for our shareholders.”


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Wealthking Investments Limited (1140.HK), listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, is a cross-border and cross-sector investment company with extraordinary capability of investment, financing and industry consolidation holding its portfolio covering listed and unlisted companies in multiple sectors. Wealthking Investments builds its cross-cycle portfolio flexibly based on different holding periods and strategies, including long-term core holding, medium-term PE/VC and short-term arbitrage, striving to create diversified and steady returns for shareholders.


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