OPIM Launches OP FundSeeder

Asia’s First Free Trader Analytics and Talent Search Platform

Investment News 02 Jan 2018

(Hong Kong, January 2, 2018) OP Investment Management Ltd., (Hong Kong) (“OPIM”), a member of the Oriental Patron Financial Group, today announced the launch of the OP FundSeeder (“OPFS”) website www.opfs.com.hk. A localized version of FundSeeder in the US, OPFS provides free institutional-grade statistical analysis to traders to help understand, track and improve their portfolio management skills. The system also uses a proprietary algorithm to score and rank trader portfolios. Working with a network of investment partners, OPIM can help traders get recognized by institutional investors looking for new talent.

“Our mission has always been to discover the next generation of great Asian managers and connect them to allocators,” said Alvin Fan, Chief Executive Officer of OPIM. “With OP FundSeeder, we can now uncover hidden talent regardless of pedigree, background, or capital.”

The Hong Kong-based platform currently links to any trading accounts with Interactive Brokers including introducing brokers who clear through IB. In 2018, OPFS will be rolling out with more international brokers in Hong Kong.

“We’ve learned that trading talent can come from any background. In fact, some of the greatest fund managers in history came from non-financial backgrounds. The goal of the system is to help traders improve by first helping them understand their decisions. The OPFS scoring rewards discipline, process, consistency, and precision – all necessary to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns. OPFS is free and available for anyone interested in improving their trading.” Alvin added.

OPFS website will be updated on a regular basis and visitors are encouraged to explore the site and sign up at opfs.com.hk. Of course, as with any launch, there will always be room for improvement, so any feedback is welcome!

More about OP FundSeeder

• Get smart

Sī Tóu - “intelligent investing.” The path to alpha begins with knowledge. Analyze and track your equity curve, underwater charts, rolling indicator charts, volatility charts, return/risk metrics, benchmark comparisons and more! Take advantage of the same analytics institutional investors use to assess traders. Understanding why you outperformed and how you got there. Discover new areas to improve your strategy and build portfolio disciplines. These are the same metrics institutional allocators use to consider professional portfolio management talent. We’re upgrading the analytics all the time, so you’ll be getting new tools as we update and improve the platform

• Get a track record

OPFS will allow you to build a real-time, verified, daily track record. Improve your risk management and consistency by monitoring and analyzing your trading performance using the OPFS analytical tools and graphics. As you improve, you’ll see your FS score climb along with your ranking once you get on the leaderboards!

• Get ranked

The FS score is a proprietary, multi-input metric that will help you assess how well you’re trading, not just individual positions, but as a portfolio. The FS score takes into account the quality of your returns—risk-adjustments, drawdowns, consistency, length of track record—and not just the absolute return. Get on the leaderboard and compete with the best.

• Get discovered

As your track record improves and your FS score goes up, OPFS will help you connect with accredited investors looking for talent and unique strategies! You’ll climb from personal to professional trading. If you already have a great track record and link up your history to OPFS and top ranked, OPIM, then our partners can help you build your own fund for professional investors. If you are a trader licensed and regulated in the region, OPFS will help you get discovered by institutional investors.